Loan without intermediaries – So you can do without the intermediary

Is the loan without intermediaries possible? Those who want to take out a loan often feel almost overwhelmed by the offers of the credit institutions. At least at first glance, credit intermediaries seem to be the most convenient way to apply for a loan. However, this supposed convenience is not cheap. It is not even time-consuming to collect the loan placement fee yourself.

Loan without intermediaries – thrift that pays off

Loan without intermediaries - thrift that pays off

Credit intermediaries are usually not paid by the lender, but by the borrower. The only exception are credit intermediaries for real estate financing. The bottom line is that fees, even if they are initially co-financed. The services of reputable financial service providers are inevitable only if foreign loans without Credit Bureau are to be applied for. In all other cases, with normal standard financing, the possible savings in interest and the convenience gain are out of proportion to the costs. Depending on the loan amount requested, the agency fees can amount to several hundred dollars.

Most borrowers do not need the help of an intermediary. If you do not have negative Credit Bureau information, you can get credit almost anywhere without an intermediary. In this case, however, interest rate comparisons must be carried out yourself. The possibilities of the Internet are almost unlimited.

Interest rate comparison and loan application on your own

Interest rate comparison and loan application on your own

All offers should be included in the interest comparison. There is rarely the cheapest loan offer at the house bank. The credit comparison calculators on the Internet offer a significantly larger selection than local providers can. The most effective type of loan comparison on the Internet is offered by the loan search engines. They collect current offers from various providers and list them according to interest rates. The offers are linked to the respective providers and lead to the online loan application of the bank.

Of course, every borrower now wants to know whether his loan request is granted on the terms specified. To do this, the application must now be submitted online in advance. Even without practice, when filling out loan applications, the procedure rarely takes longer than five minutes. The credit check is even faster. A program checks the data entry in real time and issues the preliminary approval or rejection of the loan application. No matter what the result of the credit check looks like, a legally binding contract has never been concluded. A final work step is necessary for the legally binding application.

Earn the loan placement fee yourself – the final step

Earn the loan placement fee yourself - the final step

The last step to cheap credit is easy. The online application only needs to be printed out. The necessary supporting documents must also be enclosed. The collected documents are now sent directly to the provider by post. When delivering to the post office counter, the counter official also carries out the post ID check. It is required by law. The loan without intermediaries will be paid out within approximately 10 working days. The expensive placement costs are saved.

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