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More and more private individuals want not only a loan that convinces with low interest rates, but also a loan offer that is quickly available and can score with a quick application. A fast loan payment is offered today primarily by the numerous online and direct banks on the Internet.

The fact that the banks market the loans directly on the Internet enables the borrower to call up a loan within a few working days. The decision of many borrowers therefore often falls on an online loan offer. Due to the fact that the online and direct banks on the Internet very often do not have their own branch system and have less effort in lending, they can offer loans on significantly better terms.

Borrowers who want a quick loan payment are often faced with short-term capital requirements, but despite all the urgency, the interest rate comparison should not be forgotten before the contract is signed. The interest rate comparison of several offers is now possible on numerous financial portals on the Internet, where the borrower – often with a loan calculator – can gain an objective insight into the market and often also determine the best loan offer.

Fast loan payment for online loans – from the application form to loan payment

Fast loan payment for online loans - from the application form to loan payment

Today, it often takes just a few working days from the application form to the loan payment. The first step to concluding a contract is always an application form, which the borrower must fill out. In addition to personal information, the borrower must also provide information about the income and the desired loan. Based on the information provided, the bank subsequently determines the risk and the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition to your own checks, the credit check often also includes taking Credit Bureau information into account.

The Credit Bureau information gives the bank an impression of the payment behavior of the borrower and at the same time provides information about the existing liabilities of the borrower. If the credit rating has been assessed as sufficient and the loan approval has been granted, the borrower can already sign the loan agreement below. The contract itself is provided by the bank either by post or directly via the Internet.

The borrower can often download the contract as a PDF file and print it out and sign it. The PostIdent procedure then only has to be completed before the loan is paid out. Once the credit agreement has been received by the bank and the correctness of the information has been confirmed, the bank will initiate the quick loan payment.

Compare loans with fast payouts – this is what to look for

Compare loans with fast payouts - this is what to look for

With the individual online loan offers, there are only slight differences with regard to the payment period, so that the borrower should focus primarily on the interest conditions when comparing. In particular, the borrower should be familiar with the difference between the debit and effective interest rates; the effective interest rate should always be used as a basis for comparison, as this not only takes into account the bank’s fees but also individual factors that affect the borrower’s creditworthiness.

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